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Getting Directions 5.5

Give your location, directions on a map, prepositions for directions / location

Go English Live

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Getting Directions 5.5

Getting Directions Prepositions of Direction What are prepositions of direction? Vocabulary Extra Where is it? How do I get there? How do I get to...? Vocabulary Extra Let´s practice! Prepositions of direction describe where something or someone is located. More prepositions of direction Chemist´s- Farmacia
Butcher´s - Carnicería I am at the bank and I need to go to church Give correct directions from... The pictures are
above the bed The tree is across from the building The moose is
behind the tree The bear is next to the car The cat is between the dogs The children are around the world To
Up The church is across from the park Tengo que cruzar algo
para llegar (Calle, rio, etc) The post office is between
the bank and the cinema There is a car park by the river Cerca de/a The river goes along king´s way and queen´s avenue a lo largo de... -Is there a park near the police station?
- No, There isn´t Cerca a... The cark park is next to
the shopping center Al lado de... -Is there a hotel on Queen´s Avenue?
-Yes, there is. en (Calles) -Is there a bus station close to the theater?
-Yes, there is Some prepositions are synonyms Beside = Next to
Near = Close to = By
Between = In the middle of For example:

The bus station is near the theater.
The bus station is close to the theater.
The bus station is by the theater. The End Possible routes: = You are here = You want to go there Go down Main Street- Turn right on Second Street- Turn left on Central Avenue. Go down First Street- Turn left on Central Avenue- Keep straight on Central Avenue. Go down King´s Way Turn right on Trinity College Road Keep Straight on Trinity College Road Go down Kings way Turn right on Queen´s Avenue Turn left on Prince´s Road Go across Park Road Go through the park Go down Queen´s Avenue Keep straight on Queen´s Avenue Turn right on King´s Way Where is the market? The market is across from the post office The market is on Oxford Street The market is next to the Pub After
Among Below
Close to
Down From
Into Near
Next to
Opposite Out of
Through en medio de Camping site- Zona de camping Road- Calle College- Institucion universitario Football field- Campo de fútbol Golf course- Campo de golf Grocery store- Tienda de abarrotes 2 more It´s on- Queda en... (Calle) Turn right- Girar a la derecha Turn left- Girar a la izquierda Go down -Bajar por... Go through- Pasar a través More vocabulary Keep straight- Seguir derecho Don't go straight
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