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Perfect Boyfriend

No description

Bella Lisciandro

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Perfect Boyfriend

Preferred Hobbies
play a sport
surfing/ water polo, basketball, baseball, football etc.
likes to travel
is adventurous
don't always play video games
your life is not revolved around them
The Ideal Boyfriend
The Perfect Date
ask out on a date face to face
must pay for the girl
be able to hold a conversation
make the plans yourself do not rely on the girl to make the plans
Must Haves...
taller than you
clean hair cut
cares about his hygiene
has good sense of style
has some common interests
same taste in music
must smell good
Have a hobby that you are interested in
The End

The Perfect
good sense of humor
but do not make fun of other people
does not pressure me to do something I am not comfortable doing
feel comfortable to say anything you want
show me that I can trust you with anything
be honest
never lie to me under any circumstances
make me know that you will never cheat
if I tell you something personal do not judge
Romantic vs. Flat out creepy
do not constantly ask where/what I am doing
but do care about my life
complimenting her
don't do so its annoying
hugging is cute
not when yore sweaty and gross
when you are protective
but not when it's impossible to have any guy friends
if asking us on a date already have a plan
don't leave it to us

By the way, all girls have a different perspective on the perfect boyfriend, no one is perfect. But you should always strive for the best.
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