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John Parolise

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of fufj

By John Parolise

How to Play
Hockey is a team sport in which players use special sticks to shoot a hard rubber puck in an opponents' goal. Each team has three forwards and two defensemen on the ice at all times, unless there is a penalty. A penalty is when a player does something he is not supposed to and gets put in a penalty box and the opposing team gets a power play for what is usually two minutes. Each team also has a goalie.
Olympic Hockey
Hockey is most popular in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Every four years different countries compete against each other in the winter olympics. In 2014 these teams will compete for the gold in Russia. The teams include: USA, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia, and more.
Just like in all sports, hockey has injuries. That is because hockey is a highly physical and tough game to play. A big injury is a concussion. A concussion is an injury to the brain. Sometimes it forces players to miss an extended period of time or end a career in ice hockey.
The Stanley Cup
Every NHL team is always doing whatever it takes to win the best trophy in all of sports, the Stanley Cup. If you do win this award that team and everyone currently on that team gets their name engraved on it. Just this past June, the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Boston Bruins to win it.
After the 82 regular season games are done, the postseason comes. 8 teams from the Eastern Conference move on, and 8 teams from the Western Conference move on. Each conference used to have 3 divisions, but now they changed it to 2. The 2 division leaders are the top 2 teams in the conference. In the first round, the highest seed faces the lowest seed the 2nd seed against the 7th seed and so on. The higher seed gets to be at home first. There are 3 rounds before the Stanley Cup. The playoffs are interesting and anything can happen.
If You Want to Play
If you want to be a hockey player, you will have to be tough, strong, and agile. The most important thing is to be able to skate. Not just forwards, but backwards as well. As I said before, hockey is a contact sport, just like most sports, and you will have to be tough to play hockey.
Fame and Fortune
The money in hockey is not as high as in baseball, but it is a lot. Most stars get paid between $6-$8 million dollars a year. The highest paid player is Vincent Lecavalier, who is now with the Philadelphia Flyers.
Connections to the Media
There aren't a ton of hockey movies, but they seem to be either good are bad. One of my favorites is Miracle. It is a true story about how the USA team beat the Russian team, who was the best. The win seemed impossible, but the USA pulled it off.
My Wordle
This is a commercial they show every year before the playoffs.
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