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#Sustainovation: Attitude and Analytics

How do we calculate ROI of innovation? How do we use it to drive Innovation in our culture?

City of Colorado Springs

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of #Sustainovation: Attitude and Analytics

#SUSTAINOVATION How do you value innovation? Innovation Value... Innovation Value =
Efficiency Value + Actual Cost Savings Today: NPV Ongoing: Diminishing Value/Sunset Net Present Value of future savings
Realized in one year (discount future savings) (one-time savings + discounted future savings) Energy-Efficiency
Retrofit Project Business Process Improvement Project (used more often) Need some new projects! expiring savings = Constant drive to innovate! What have we done? Establish a metric for local government innovation Effectively removed ourselves from the books Made other City groups more resource-efficient Tied Environmental Sustainability to Business Process Efficiency (This one goes to 11) Now what? Explore ideas that may not be understood/prioritized by others Connect to the community Cultivate and support a culture of innovation in the organization Actively seek out innovative re-imagining of City processes
Sounding board for wild ideas
Leverage the increasing web-savvy nature of public employees Mobile apps, participatory budgeting, citizen priorities for City services, open data, transparency and accountability, performance & efficiency management... Connecting environmentalism and business processes
Reach each with the other message- it's all the same story! Tell the story! Innovation does almost no good if it does not get celebrated.
Celebrate excessively
Control your narrative - steer your own ship Keep it weird >100%
Savings offset! Quantify efforts of Innovation staff Know if we are succeeding/improving Prioritize and focus Tell a good story Limited government/conservative values (reinvestment in performance) facebook.com/CS.OIS @the_Jay_CO Projects (TM)
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