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ABOUT ME by Nick Townsend

No description

Nick Townsend

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of ABOUT ME by Nick Townsend

6th period Ms.Glassford Nick Townsend Thesis Music Basketball Family Many things can make a person who they are or make up their personality. For example if someone loves music or another career/hobby then they can be impacted by that. I personally am impacted by things such as sports, my friends, and much more. Music is fun to listen to whether you are in a good or bad mood. You can have a favorite artist or singer. I am very involved in music. I listen to it a lot and I have played instruments. When I was younger, I played the piano. Now I play the alto saxophone in the band. Several people have their own favorite sport. Basketball is a sport I love like no other. I've been playing basketball since I was 4 years old and I've loved it since that age. One day I hope to make it into the NBA. Your family can play a very important role in your life. My family encourages me in a lot of different ways. They want me to be successful in anything that I do. If I want to try out a new sport they encourage me to do so. It's good to have your family even if they are a little embarrassing. This is my crazy cousin. My little sister. Academics Academics have a huge impact on who I am. I may be known for sports but I am also a straight A student (go ahead and call me a nerd). Academics and school are very important in my family so I must keep my grades up. Friends Friends can cheer you up when you are sad. You can tell your friends things, play games or sports with them, and have fun. I have many friends that I talk to a lot and trust. Usually when you see me I'm around Dezmone, Jovon, Darryl, A.J, or Darius, Landis, or Kyle. Personality Your personality can be how people describe you as a person. Many of my friends may describe me as crazy and funny. I describe my personality as funny, crazy, smart, talented, and handsome. Football Football is a sport I play with my friends for fun. I used to play football with a team but I hurt my knee and the doctor said I couldn't play this year. Although I couldn't play this year, it is still my 2ND favorite sport. Video Games Video games can be an addictive hobby. I play them for fun and competition. Usually I play sports games for fun. I also play shooting games like Call of Duty for action and competition. Thank you Thank you Thank you ... Thank you all for watching this presentation by Nick Townsend. Hoped you like it! When I used to play for the Miama Hurricanes when I was younger. #60 My grandma and cousin who is a dancer you may know him from So You Think You Can Dance. Picture of me and my friends from years ago. Fun Facts
#Born on 21, 1999.
#LOVE FRIED CHICKEN w/ hot sauce
#LOVE watching #Regular Show (Darius, Meagan, and Dezmone can relate) !
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