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Auto Biography Of Leo Scher

No description

Elijah Sampson

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of Auto Biography Of Leo Scher

Family Relationships
Job History
Experiences( While in concentration camp)
Experiences( While in hiding)
While in hiding Leo hid in a factory along with other Jews who were trying to escape for their lives.
Leo had two brothers and he had three sisters. Leo was the middle child out of his two brothers. His mothers name was Felicia and his fathers name was Simon. His father was a professional politician.
Interactions with other prisoners / guards
Leo experienced Jews being exterminated in various ways. He experienced "Bloody Monday", where Jews were being killed for no reason, for little "mistakes. Basically a mass extermination of Jews in one day. Leo also experienced others being shot, hanged, burned etc.
Leo did not only fend for his own life, but was legendarily known for rescuing and saving other Jews lives. He secretly transported a number of Jewish youths from Poland to Palestine.
Leo was highly educated by the school he went to and learned very important life lessons from his father.
Leo Scher was born in 1921 in Poland in the small town of Krzepice.
Holocaust Results
By, Elijah Sampson
Autobiogaphy Of Leo Scher
None of his family members survived the Holocaust. He was the only one to survive the Holocaust. Today Leo Scher has a memorial sight commemorating him for what he did during the Holocaust.

As a young teenager he work at a factory for no pay, but instead he worked there for his own protection.
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