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Developmental Cascades

really brief presentation for H624.

Maggie Brown

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of Developmental Cascades

Developmental Cascades "Developmental cascades refer to the cumulative consequences for development of the many interactions and transactions occuring in developing systems that result in spreading effects..." (Masten & Cicchetti, 2010) "across levels" among domains at the same level across different systems or generations they can be positive
"competince begets competence"
or negative:
psychopathology begets comorbidity direct indirect unidirectional bidirectional like developing secure attachment with a caregiver -> developing positive friendships in school -> developing meanigful romantic partnerships cascades within the same domain can be considered developmental coherence top down
bottom up like if you became unable to work in your desired profession--> [did not have the opportunity to socialize with friends/coworkers & were no longer the "bread winner" of house hold] --> became depressed like if you began to take anti-depressants --> you developed more seritonin--> you feel "up to" leaving your house--> [you get positive social reinforcement & you are able to discover employment opportunities] snowball effect amplification spillover progressive effects chain reactions however it happens it changes the course of development uses
helps us understand comorbidity
helps us think about predictive validity
helps us plan interventions locate strategic timing and targets to

interrupt the flow of negative cascades or
induce the flow of positive cascades so what do we look for in a cascade? what do we rule out? when do they initiate
begin to have a lasting effect an artifact
a "developmental manifestation of progress"
your daughter has not developed antisocial behaviors because of [failure in school]... she's an adolescent good relationship with teacher-> more homework done -> positive sense of self as student genetic predispositions Questions: Reactions? Likes/Dislikes?
What problems does this solve?
How does this reflect current trends in your fields?
How might this play out in educational Policy?
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