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No description

Amanda Feilberg

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Technology

Technology in the Classroom
SMART & Eno Whiteboards
iFlip Cameras
Document Cameras
Audio Books
Technology that can be used to Supplement Teacher Instruction
Application and Educational Software to Stay Organized and Connected
My Technology

Assistive Technology
Technology can be used to aid learners with special needs by:

Reading text out loud

Changing font colour
Typing text for students who are able to speak into a microphone
Increasing font sizes
Providing different input options

Intellitools.com is a great place to find Assistive Technology Resources (see video clip for more info)

Design Brief
English: written and oral language

Math: measurement, scale and ratio

SOSE: place and space, impact on environment

Art: design and display

Shower = 13 litres per min.
Bath = 120 litres
Toilet = 4.5 litres for a half flush
Washing dishes = 9 litres
Dishwasher = 45 litres
Washing machine = 125 litres
Cleaning teeth = 3 litres
Garden sprinkler = 100 litres/hr

Water Conservation Tips:

Aesthetically pleasing

Economical – students will use recycled materials found from
around their home. E.g. newspaper, cardboard, etc.

Environmental – students will be required to think about future
consequences if nothing is done about the fresh water shortage

Social – students will further develop their social skills.
e.g. communication and compromising skills
- problem solving skills within their group

Detailed journal entries

Individual and group participation and performance

Peer and self evaluations

Rough draft of work Creativity

Integrity of research skills

The teacher will visit each group and ask questions

Assessment Ideas

Design Challenge

Total Cost:

$4.00 for glue
$0.95 for blue food colouring
$4.95 total

Paint brushes
Flour and water
Recycled materials: i.e. cardboard, containers, plastic piping from bags
Visual materials: e.g. books, internet


The Gold Coast City Council is implementing

the Waterfuture concept and they need

you to help them build a new dam and

Desalinization (sea water filtration)






Design Brief
Technology Practices
Key Learning Areas
By: Amanda Feilberg, Paula Gray,
& Sienna Osborne

Design Brief Write Up
Technology Design Brief
Technology Video Lesson
Student Websites &
Online Learning Tools
Created By Amanda Feilberg using Wordle.
Click on the links above
Rated Resources
What did I Learn?
Prezi By: Amanda Feilberg
Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheets, good for data analysis)
Microsoft Access (Student databases)
Microsoft Publishing (Newsletters )
Microsoft Office (Word processing)
Microsoft Powerpoint (Presentations)
Window Movie Maker (Video editing, presentations)
Hotmail (Mail)
Gmail (Mail)
Internet Explorer
Google (Search Engine)
Skype (Video Conferencing)
Blackboard engage (see video clip)

A Newsletter I Made Using Microsoft Publisher
iSchool Classroom

Blackboard engage Technology
Classroom Suite by Intelli tools
Full transcript