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No description

Saskia Petri

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of THE UNO

Main Organs
General Assembly
located in New York
Government representatives of the member countries
Security Council
located in New York
5 permanent and 10 non-permanent members
keeping of international freedom and security
founding of the state Israel
disarming of Berlin, Cuba and Middle East crises
ending of first Gulf War
peace keeping in Cambodia, Mozambique, Angola and Guatemala
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
extermination or containment of illnesses
protection of refugees
development and food aid
Criticism and Reform
Security Council
undemocratic and obsolete
distribution of (permanent) seats based on former balance of power
problems with amendment of charter
-> representation
-> legitimacy
-> effectiveness
The United Nations Organization
What Is The UNO?
a merger of 193 states
founded in 1945 by 51 states
based on the "Charter"
headquarter in New York City
6 official languages
Secretary-General: Ban Ki-moon
international peace and security
friendly relations between member countries
international cooperation
humanitarian aid
international law and development
Main Organs
Economic and Social Council
located in New York
54 members
execution of international comparative analysis
administration organ
Secretary-General (Ban Ki-moon) as the head of the UNO
Main Organs
International Court of Justice
located in The Hague
independent of UN-System
15 independent judges
decisions of litigation between countries
Peace Keeping
peace building: rebuilding and stabilization
peace keeping operations
peace enforcement: military arrangements
troops of freedom: "Blauhelme"
Current Missions
15 peace keeping missions e.g.
monitoring ceasefire in the D.R. of Congo and Abyei
assistance of (new) states like South Sudan
returning stability to Haiti and Mali
One special political mission in Afghanistan
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