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Right to Die Law~ Argumentative

No description

Shiloh Porubcansky

on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of Right to Die Law~ Argumentative

Right to Die: Do terminally ill patients have a right to die with the assistance of a physician?
By: Shiloh Porubcansky
Supporters are right
Background and History 1990's
In recent decades, advances in medical technology have helped prolong him life far past what had previously been possible.
Artificial respirators
Feeding tubes
Supporters Argue
Reasons why:
Essential to human liberty
Freedom of choice and right to control their life and body
Opponents Argue
Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Review editor Eric Rice wrote in November 2012, "The question of suicide is personal, nuanced, difficult and fraught with emotions, philosophies, and faith. It is not a question the government has any business answering for an individual."
"During the 1990's, many right-to-die activists argued that terminally ill patients not only had the right to refuse treatment, but also had the right to ask for medical assistance in actively ending their life's."
Economist contended in November 2012, "Assisted suicide can greatly reduce suffering. Governments everywhere should therefore inclined to liberalize their laws."
Reasons why:
Undetermined doctors role in society
Health care systems to encourage suicide
Insurance companies could eventually pressure patients into ending their lives
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