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Impact of Information Technolog on job skills and careers

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on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Impact of Information Technolog on job skills and careers

Impact of Information Technology on job skills and careers
Information Technology has had both positive and negative effects on job skills and careers.
Creation of jobs.
Although Information Technology may cause loss of jobs it also paves the way for new careers and jobs. Job titles such as Programmer,Database Administrator, Computer Engineer and many more would not exist without Information Technology.
Improves Communication.
Many businesses are using various business communication technologies to change the way their employees interact and communicate while at work. Employees can use various communication tools to interact or exchange information at work. For example, employees from different departments in a company can use text messaging services or video conferencing tools like Skype to share and exchange information.
Saves Time
Technology can be used to automate various tasks at work, this automation will guarantee efficiency and will also increase on production at work. The use of computers to accomplish specific tasks at work creates room of making corrections on instant and it also reduces on human errors. Using databases to capture and store information can facilitate quick decision making at work.
Loss of Jobs.
Computers and computerizes robots can do many more tasks quickly and efficiently than humans can.Some computers actually put people out of a job. For example, in manufacturing persons performing dangerous and repetitive tasks are often replaced by robots.
Causes Distraction at Work
Their so many ways technology can distract employees at work. The use of social networks at work can cause so much distraction and it affects the productivity of employees. Some companies have decided to block access to specific websites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, because of the unlimited distraction they cause.
High Maintenance costs
It is expensive to buy technology, but it is also costly to maintain it. Many small businesses can not afford the cost of hiring a full-time technical person, so they resort to monthly tech contractors who charge them for work done. If business technology tools like computers are not well maintained, their performance will decrease and the process of buying new computers or any other business technology can even be more expensive.
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