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AMHS Wildcat Band Practice Tips

No description

Dave Ris

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of AMHS Wildcat Band Practice Tips

AMHS Wildcat Band
Practice your ensemble music
to gain confidence in expressing yourself while hearing the other players in the next rehearsal.
The bathroom is actually a very effective place to practice (except for percussion).
Usually bathrooms have echoey acoustics that help you hear yourself better, to better produce and control your tone and expression.
Also, there is a mirror where you may "perform" and observe your posture, embouchure, hand position, instrument angle etc.
Percussionists should have a metronome and practice with it daily...
and it wouldn't hurt the wind players either.
Daily practice equals fast growth.
Students who practice 15-30 min. every day show faster progress than those who skip days and practice for an hour.
I recommend doing band homework first when you get home.
It just takes a short amount of time and it's better to start before the hour gets too late.
Practice slowly to assure accuracy.
Never just play fast and sloppy, because you'll get used to playing it that way and it will get harder to correct it.
Repetition is the method.
The more time you spend doing something (right), the better you are at it.
Or at least close the door to give yourself the perception of privacy...
a "woodshed" away from others so you can focus.
Practice in a private place where it won't bother anybody when you make mistakes.
Never twist or distort your body when practicing.
...where you can also practice your posture,
such as with a chair
and music stand.
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