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Facts about the Cheetah

Learn about the Cheetah

nickisha victor

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Facts about the Cheetah

Cheetah The Cheetah is one of the fastest animals in the world The Cheetah can run up to a speed of 70 miles per hour The Cheetah is a carnivore The average female Cheetah weighs 41-50 kg and the average male Cheetah weighs 50-64 kg The Cheetah lives throughout Africa, Middle East, and Southern Asia The Cheetah only needs to drink water once every 3 to 4 days Ideas ... small Type of foods cheetah eat
- Cheetahs eat mammals that weight less then 40 pounds,such as zebras,deers. How does humans help Cheetahs?
-Basic ways we can help the extinctions
is to stop hunting.
-Give the Cheetahs the space to
live instead of keeping them in the cage Do you want to know the fastest running animal in the world is, well I'll show you and lets get started!
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