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Communications Techology Overkill

Communications Techology Overkill?

Shaad Feroze

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Communications Techology Overkill

Communications Technology Overkill? Introduction
In the past ten years the human race
has come a long way with communication technology with
things like touch-screen phones, macs,iphones and now, the ipad. These things cost lots of money to make and now I wonder is it all overkill? Changes
At first we were using morse
code a code in which a series of beeps are used to communicate now we have found ways of improving these simple methods
By Shaad Feroze The Future Judging at the speed we
are advancing at now, in
about ten years technology
will be even more advanced
and the people of that time will
consider our technolgy obsolete Thanks 4 Watching ! xD
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