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Training Institute for Dredging

Products and services from IHCMerwedes TID

MTI Holland

on 14 December 2011

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Transcript of Training Institute for Dredging

Dredge Training and Competence Management Tailor made function related training based on
standard modules for:
Dredge Operators
Staff Equipment related training for IHC Merwede equipment Advantages of training Training methods On the Job Training Open courses such as a:
General Dredging Course, Pump and Slurry Course, Cutter Engineer Training,
Cutter Operator Training Competence Management Types of training Classroom Training Gain skills without risks Improve safety of dredging operations Increase profit Facilities Practical training facilities State of the art Classrooms Simulator room Case Driven Training Simulator Training Live Distance Learning Web Based Training Facts and Figures In 2010..
a total of 433 people participated in...
...33 courses worldwide
of which 152 participants followed..
..one of the 14 courses in China Staff of app. 10 persons, excluding a large network of instructors
Training facilities in the Netherlands and China
3 x CSD simulators (6518 / 7025 / 8527)
TID has trained over a 1000 persons
TID has succesfully completed approximately 250 trainings Competence scan assesses a group of dredging operators on their dredging competences

gains insight per individual and per job group into the level of their dredging competences and how they perform compared to the general standard

consist of self assessments, supervisor assessments and production records

provides a baseline of the training needs for each individual operator and for each job group Competence Scan No down time No break down Facts:
Beaver 50
discharge lenght 1000 mtr
500 mm diameter
fine sand
8 hours a day
€ 2,- kub/mtr Before training:
efficiency 60%
daily output 5.040 kub After training:
efficiency 70%
daily output 5.880 kub Profit:
daily € 1.680,- (8 hours)
yearly € 336000,- (200 days)
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