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Biomedical Engineering

In every country, biomedical engineering has varied definitions and interpretations. In Malaysia, biomedical engineering refers mainly to clinical engineering or the maintenance of medical equipment.

Afterschool Team

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering
Why take up biomedical engineering?
Biomedical engineering in Malaysia is a young yet promising field. It’s not much of a surprise, given that this field lies on technology and health care – two growing industries in the Malaysian economy.
Is there demand?
Malaysia will be introducing the Medical Devices Act which will lay the groundwork to ensure the
safety of patients and personnel when using medical devices. Suppliers of medical equipment
and healthcare centres & hospitals will be made
to be more responsible when deadling with
medical devices.
How much does a biomedical engineer make in a month?
Fresh graduates can earn between RM2,000 and RM2,500*

Source: Jobstreet Salary Report

What do biomedical engineers do?
Designing & testing new medical equipment
Setting up & maintaining existing equipment
Evaluating the safety, efficiency & effectiveness of the equipment
Researching & presenting reports
Analysing new medical procedures to
forecast likely outcomes
Where will you work after graduation?
Healthcare and medical institutions
Reserach firms
Manufacturers of diagnostic or medical instruments & products
What are the career prospects?
Sales engineer in biomedical devices
Quality Analyst (test & calibration)
Engineers involve in the manufacturing of medical devices
Where to study?
Nilai University
International Medical University
INTI International University
MAHSA University
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
Universiti Kuala Lumpur
Taylor's University
Multimedia University
Management & Science University
City University College of Science & Technology
What are the prerequisites?
You will need a prior study of Biology and preferably a second science subject such as Chemistry.
What key skills do I need to have?
Good design skills
Attention to detail
Strong problem solving skills
Excellent communication
Possess empathy and consieration for patients
Got any questions?
Ask us at
Improving patient care through safe, efficient and cost-effecitve management & maintenance of medical equipment
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