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Point of View

No description

Jim Bo

on 12 February 2018

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Transcript of Point of View

Point of View
The point of view of the book thief, is one I've never read like before. Death, as omniscient character switched from first person to third person point of view. If the book was written in first person it would limit the book to mostly one person's emotion ,one perspective. Although i found it difficult to understand at first, I think the narrator as death was sarcastic yet neutral to the events occurring, distinctively describing the characters thoughts and emotions .

Death- Experiences both sadness and joy throughout the book. To get away from the sadness and depression he often thinks about the color of the sky.
Rudy- Anbosous and hasn't been fully known to the world's truth yet. He cares deeply for Liesel. He’ll stay by her side and protect her if necessary.
Hans- Liesel’s foster father. He is a kind, loving, wise man who using his past experiences to teach Liesel. Not the most ambitious, but more of a “goes where some situations need him.” kind of guy.
Liesel- Protagonist of the book. She’s gone through many heartbreaking, traumatic experiences considering the loss of her mother, father, and brother due to being Communist. This has shifted her attitude and behavior towards others.

Abhorrence- hate coupled with disgust
The abhorrence on his cheeks was growing thicker by the moment.
Traipse- walk or tramp about
“Come on,” he said, traipsing over the snow.
Shroud- cover as if with a burial garment
He remained shrouded in his uniform as the graying light arm- wrestled the sky.

Narrator's Tone
The narrator takes a different tone to parts of the book. He breaks down every character's emotion during the time of death and sorrow. Even then was there humanity. In all sorrow of war, death despair, and all of melancholy there was hope. That even when humans place themselves one against the other there is still hope and humanity. “to prove to himself that you, and your human existence, are worth it”(pg. 33)

The novel takes place in the town of Molching, Germany, between 1939 and 1943. It begins in a fictional town where I believe color and nature takea big part . the colors,white, black and red are the colors of the german flag these are the colors he first saw leisel in white in the snow near the train
"black for all the smoke at the plane crash red for sky when it was bombed the colors remind death of liesel " yes often i am reminded of her " (pg 14)
The Book Thief Parts 1&2
Symbolism plays a great deal in this book. Hans' accordion symbolizes peace and comfort. The colors represent beauty in the natural world. "A liesel said."
A for what? she smiled "apfel"
The theme of the story is words. It tells us how learning to read made Hans and Liesel closer and she grew with it.
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