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Professional use of Twitter

more information at http://meta4RN.com/poster

Paul McNamara

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Professional use of Twitter

3 ways to use social media:


Can you pick the difference?
eg: representing an organisation
an individual discussing issues related to their profession: sharing info, not representing an organisation (own opinions)
don't rely on your regulating agency to lead the way on how to use social media
let's take a look at
Professional use of Twitter
Four examples of nurses embracing social media:
= hashtag for Postnatal Depression Awareness Week 2012
what was the impact?

250 Twitter participants

928 tweets

“impressions” (potential number of views) was over one and a half MILLION

3 of the most prolific Twitter accounts represented
Mental Health Nurses
eg: shirt-off selfies = not official or professional
handing out brochures is so last century
"digital citizens"
up to 70 people heard this at a conference:
up to 22 THOUSAND people read it on Twitter
Unlike much of the commentary on both social media and mainstream media, #WeNurses used Twitter professionally, calmly, and with thoughtfulness and grace.
just 4 people attended
the workshop
on 08/02/13
via Twitter we shared info and resouces with ~17,000
YouTube video: "Perinatal Mental Health Workshop: an experiment in social media enhanced education"
for more info go to
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