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Wanna new life? [Love Facts]

Love facts

Katerina Kotzampasaki

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Wanna new life? [Love Facts]

Wanna Boyfriend/Girlfriend?? Wanna new life?? The most important is : Trust your friends Valentines Day The dream day*.* Not to be shy!!!! Talk to him/her Chat, Share Interests Chatting is the key of you love with him or her!!
You can also share interests and then you'll know many
things of him/her!!! Signs???
Don't Believe them!! The most humans believes at signs...
Signs can damage human's dreams!!
Wake up!! They are stars!! Not the future!
Follow your heart and forget the SIGNS!!

[wow I feel like Ninja teacher]
haha Next you have to... Be friends! Don't be best friends because
then he/she won't look you as boyfriend or
After that: Ask her on a date (if you are boy)
Flirt him(if you are girl)
It always success ;D
Best day ever!! If you follow all these 6 steps you will soon have your
love behind you <3 Hey;D Tell your lovely secret to
your friends! They can really
help you!! Created by Catherine Kotzampasaki Remember my name ;) Big chance for you!!
Buy him/her a present
with a special card!! <3 After these two steps you can
be his/her boyfriend/girlfriend
because you'll be the perfect
one of him/her!!
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