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Calvin klein (Fashion Marketing)

No description

Samantha Mirenda

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Calvin klein (Fashion Marketing)

Calvin Richard Klein Company History Product price Promotion demographics & geographics Phychographics Calvin launched his company in 1960.
Barry Schwartz ( A childhood friend of Calvin ) helped him financially with the company.
He designed simple, understated, elegant clothing.
He first started with items like suits and coats but then evolved to sportswear.
He was the first designer to win three consecutive cote awards for women's wear.
In 2003 Phillips-Van Heusen purchased the company, but Calvin Klein still remained active within the company as a head designer. Calvin produces items such as Calvin Prices his products expensively but you could find more affordable lines in retail outlets.
Calvin Klein offers nine different brands which also offer different prices based on the products. His products are mainly for the ages 14 to 50 years of age.
His products are used for both male & female.
People with the middle to high class income would be able to afford his products.
You could find his products anywhere in the world.
Place Behavioral Factors http://bcove.me/21ablqxe Calvin's Price Ranges Calvin klein was born NOVEMBER 19 , 1942.
He is currently devorced and has one child (Marci Klein) Tops (blouses & sweaters)
Pants & Shorts
Outerwear (jackets)
Dresses & Skirts
Fragrances & Make-up Swimwear
Performance Wear
Handbags & Scarves
Home items
Sunglasses & Jewelry
Undergarments & Socks
Luggage Calvin's different brands His different brands include: Calvin klein collection
ck-Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Sort
Calvin Klein Jeans
Calvin Klein Home The Khaki collection
Calvin Klein Golf
Calvin Klein Underwear
CK one Lifestyle brand
Calvin Klein Wtches & Jewlery Knits & tees : $14 - $99.50
Sweaters : $49.99 - $129
Dresses : $49.99 - $249.58
Pants : $19.99 - $99.99
Underwear : 3 for $30
Shoes : (womens) $69 - $279
(mens) $49.99 - $170
Watches : $95 - $ 380
Fragrances : (women) $15 - $87
(men) $15 - $87 Calvin Klein has stores in 130 territories outside the United States, and there are currently 650 domestic retail locations.
His products can be found in department stores , online , or at his own store Since 1970, Calvin Klein has been known for using sexually evocative marketing techniques to promote his lines. Psycho graphic variables of the Calvin Klein’s target market convey the values, attitudes, spending patterns, and cultural influences of the consumer.
For example For example, the sensual ad's target the young adults.The quality and comfort of his clothing line contribute to his popularity of his creations. He advertises his products though various mediums like television magazines and billboards.
Specific media usage includes Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, and Glamor.
You are able to purchase his items online or at stores with the payment method of cash, debit, or any major credit card.
The loyalty status of Calvin Klein is moderately high.
Most consumers that purchase Calvin Klein usually come back for additional purchases.
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