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The Milky Way

No description


on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of The Milky Way

Random Facts
The Milky Way contains over 200 billion stars and enough dust and gas to make billions more. The solar system lies about 30,000 light years from the galaxy center and about 20 light years above the plane of the galaxy. More than half the stars found in the Milky Way are older than the 4.5 billion year old sun.
How Did The Milky Way Get It's Name?
The Romans named it Via Lactea, because it looks like a Milky patch of sky above the Earth at night. But, the Romans weren't the first to name the galaxy. The Romans got the name from the Greeks, who called it Galaxias Kyklos,which translates into “Milky Circle.”
The Milky Way Has A Halo + Fact!
Surprisingly, the Milky Way has a halo that you can't directly see! And it has a naked eye. This fact if rarely known so this might be your lucky day!
The Milky Way
The Stars
The stars surrounding the Milky Way are 13.6
billion years old! Imagine 2017 compared
to 13.6 billion!
Pictures Of The Milky Way
By Eileen Hughes
The Milky Way is like a large pool, it takes
200 billion years to rotate!
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