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Tiny Wings Roller Coaster

No description

PEN Administration

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Tiny Wings Roller Coaster

Tiny Wings Roller Coaster

Erika Isett, Nicole Holzer, Paige Hughes Physics of the Ride:

1. marble is at rest at the top of the coaster.

-normal force on marble
-gravitational force toward earth
-equilibrium 2. marble is rolling down a slope.

-normal force on marble
-gravitational force (FGx and FGy)
because plane is at an angle.
-frictional force 3. marble turns around
semicircle loop.

-centripetal force provided
by the normal force.
-normal, frictional, gravitational
forces. 4. the marble expieriences free fall
at the end of the ride after falling from
a straight plane.

-force of gravity
-air resistance is ignored
-acceleration = 9.8 m/s^2 Conservation of Energy:

-initial: all potential energy
-changes to kinetic energy

-theoretically: potential energy (J)
should equal kinetic energy (J).

-some energy is dissipated by friction
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