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Stephanie Okorodudu

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of Communication

You can look at the signs to get information
about when and where the trains are leaving
This is the microphone that the conductor uses
These are the speakers in the train.
You can hear information here.
I will explain about how you can communicate in different ways
You can get all kinds of
information about
The screen tells you about how fast the train
is running,Time,information where the train
is going,and the temperature.
This is the cockpit of the train,the microphone that the conductor uses,the conductor can give
information from here, Information from the screen
can be edited here ,
These are the speakers from the station,
You get information about delayed
trains and other problems.
These are the policemen
Walkie Talkies. They use it if there is some kind of problem.
This is a radio, It plays different kind of music
This is a communication device.
You whisper on it and the other one hears what you whispered.
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