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The Evolution Of Dance!!!!!!!

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Chantel Boahen

on 20 May 2017

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Transcript of The Evolution Of Dance!!!!!!!

Dance In 2010
Dance In 1960
Dance Of The 1970's
Dance In 2000
Dance In 1980's
Dance in 1990
The Evolution Of Dance!!!!!!!
The 60's were fun and unique. Different dances were popular during 1960. The first dance that came out was The Stroll. It came out in the 50's and was presented in the 60's. The dance is similar to the line dance. The second dance is The Twist. It's a rock and roll dance , popular in the early1960's. The twist was created in the 1960 by Chubby Checker.
A type a dance that came out in the 70's was Disco. Disco came out in the late 60's and early 70's. Disco was a type of genre. It hit TV in 1971. Disco reached the top hit's between 1975 to 1977. It became very popular around the 1970's and it's put in all kinds of songs, created at that time.
In 1980's teen pop was the famous genre going on. Teen pop came out in the early 1980's. It was in clubs and was all over the radio. Teen Pop was a popular style and many artist and groups performed in that genre. Teen pop was up tempo. Teen pop was also called "Dance Pop.
In the 1990's the 3 types of dances were Vogue, Hip-Hop and Country Western. Vogue was created in the 1990's. Country was popular all through America's history. Hip-Hop influenced African American and Latin's to create dance moves in 1990's.
The 2000's were very popular for cha cha,two step and flash mob. Two step is with 2 partners, with a leader and a follower. Flash mob is a group of people who perform in public place.
Dougie was created in 2010 It was hugey popular. Everywhere you go, you would hear the song and dance of teach me how to Dougie.n Everyone loved that dance until it suddenly became old.
Dance Of 2014
In 2014 break dancing and hip hop is really popular now because all kids do is dance and twerk. Twerking is also a form of dance that kids and teens do. Its very popular around the world.
How Has Dance Evolved Over The Year?
Disco Dancing Video
Teen Pop Dancing Video
Breaking Dancing Video
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