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Texas in Civil War and Reconstruction

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of Texas in Civil War and Reconstruction

November 1, 1860: Abraham Lincoln is elected president
March 16, 1861: Governor Sam Houston was kicked out of office for refusing to take an oath of loyalty to the Confederacy
April 12, 1861: The Civil War begins
April 9, 1865: Civil War ends
March 8, 1870: Texas was readmitted to the United States
Picture of Galveston Harbor during Civil War
Defining Characteristics of the Reconstruction
Resedents had to pledge their loyolty to the United States, abolish slavory, and declare that secession from the Union was illegal
For many former slaves, freedom provided limited opportunities
Texas voters did not help ratify the 13th or 14th Amenments
Texas was reamitted to the Union in March of 1870
Slave labor was replaced with the sharecropping system, whitch kept African Americans in poverty
Former Slave with his new Business
Defining Characteristics of the Civil War
Texas in Civil War and Reconstruction
Texas responded to the election of Abraham Lincoln by joining the Confederacy
Many Texas men immediately joined the war effort
A small number joined the Union Army
Although only a few battles were fought in the state the efect of war was widespread, it brought hardship for the state
The Civil War years saw a increase in the number of slaves
Differences in political belief also created problems for many Texans during the war
Union vs Confederates
The Confederates lost the war so the Union abolished slavory and then they started the Reconstruction.
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