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Me, Myself and Time

Collages on my past (the traditional ways of my ancestors), my present (my daily life-a compare and contrast from my past) and my future (how I will use the information that I have gleaned).

Summaia Raouf

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Me, Myself and Time

Me, Myself and Time By Summaia Raouf The Past The Future ... Traditions Food Traditions History of My People Traditions Arts Food The Present Dancing &
Singing Foundation of All-India Muslim League Religious & More + Preserving Islam Apparel My Media Literacy Project Wedding Rituals Including: Architecture, Blue Pottery, and Dancing Holidays Rituals Eid Rituals Architecture Visual Arts Rituals Language Apparel Eid & More Eid Other Sir. Syed Ahmed Khan Sir Muhammad Iqbal Idea of Pakistan was formed Muhammad Ali Jinnah The Two Nation Theory. Aug.14,1947 Largest migration in human history Arts + of More Singing
and more Language ME Parents Husband Children + + Traditions Rituals + + Dancing Visual Art Preserving National History Weddings
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