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A Child Called It AP Book Analysis

No description

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of A Child Called It AP Book Analysis

Device # 5: Metaphor
Device #2: Repetition
"I knew... that I could survive. I decided that I would use any tactic to defeat mother... I knew I wanted to live... I would have to think ahead... I could no longer cry... I could never give into her." (pg. 43 paragraph 1)
This relates to the theme because it shows how he is determined to beat his mother at her devious game in order to survive.

Rhetorical device #1: Imagery
"My bed was now an old army cot...sometimes at night i would wake up and try to imagine i was a real person, sleeping under a warm electric blanket, knowing i was safe and that somebody loved me...but the cold nights always brought me back to my reality. I knew no one could help me...I was on my own, and every night i prayed to God that I could be strong both in body and soul." (pg. 68 paragraph 1)
The use of pathos apeals to the reader's emotion creating a sympathy for David as he feels alone and defenseless. In addition it adds on to his determination since he does everything possible to keep his abusive life from shutting him down; Such as having to imagine everything is swell and keeping his faith in God.
Device #3: Imagery
Device # 4: Pathos
"After the man left, she beat me until I was black and blue. I stole the money to try to meet her quota." (pg. 109 paragarph 1)
This relates to the theme because he is using exaggeration to show that he was brutally beaten. Furthermore it exposes what he was willing to do in order to meet his mother's demands and how he was persistent in finding ways to survive the inhumane life he was 'living'."
Are there any questions?
Author: Dave Pelzer
By: Patricia Fuentes

The book
A Child Called "It"
is an autobiography based on the author's abusive childhood. Dave Pelzer shares his personal experience of having to live with an abusive alcoholic mother who constantly beat him brutally and tortured him. His mother not only didn't consider David her son, but she viewed him as a slave. While Dave had no one at his side to save him, his determination and will to survive kept him alive.

The main theme of the book is Child abuse and that a person's determination can help overcome any challenge.
"My pants are just as bad, and my shoes have holes in the toes. I can wiggle my toe out of one of them. While I stand clothed only in my underwear..." (pg. 6 paragraph 4)
This relates to the theme because it shows that the abusive conditions he was living under didn't obstruct him from going to school and therefore shows his determination in attempting to have a normal life.
"She slammed my face into the diaper...My nose struck first. A warm sensation oozed from my nosrils. I tried to stop the blood from escaping by breathing in. I snorted bits of defaction back up my nose with the blood. I threw my hands on the counter top and tried to pry myself out of her grip." (pgs. 56-57 paragraph 2)
This use of imagery connects to the theme because it gives the reader a vivid image of the abuse his mother practices on him and his struggle to break loose from the grip of his mother's hands.
A Child Called It
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