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Li-young Lee

No description

Nicolas Marmolejos

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Li-young Lee

Li-Young Lee Born: August 19, 1957 Real Name: pinyin or Li Lìyáng Born in: Jakarta, Indonesia One of Li-Young Lee's
books Li-Young Lee's poems are based
on family memories Most of his poems are
about his dad Li-Young Lee uses a dark
tone in his poems Li-Young Lee is very vivid
in his poems Li- Young Lee does not rhyme
in his poems When Li attended the University of Pittsburgh he began his love for writing. His writing had been influenced by Chinese poets Tu Fu and Li Bo. All of Li’s poems are influenced by his family history and child hood. His poems are said to be deep and make the audience fill in the blanks with their imaginations.
Li- Young Lee has also won a numerous amount of Awards for his marvelous poetry. Such awards at the Whiting Writer's Award and the Lannan Literary Award. In 2002, he received the William Carlos Williams awards for Book of my nights. Also in 2003, he won the Fellowship of the Academy of American Poets.
Li-Young Lee has written many poems in his day. He’s made poems such as Eating alone, Eating together, falling: the code, little father and Have you Prayed. Many of his poems represented his father and about what happened during his life. Li’s also had a lot of emotional poems such as the Gift, the hour and what is dead, Arise: Go down, Early in the morning, and immigrant blues. Li Young Lee has always been and is still a great poet.

That you for watching!!
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