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Competitive Analysis- Uber vs Careem

No description

Nour Maher

on 27 February 2017

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Transcript of Competitive Analysis- Uber vs Careem

The thing that matter the most to a lot for users is to find the perfect service which includes: a fast reply for a trip booking, a good customer service, a clean neat car, a friendly driver far from the regular taxi driver attitude.

*Careem's call center showed just a recorded msg all day, Saturday.
mall , fb survey
1,456,639 fb like
71,491 fb like
215,793 fb like
173,683 fb like
4,606,244 fb like
Competitive Analysis
Presented by: Nour Maher
Brief ..
Thank you for Your Time
Social media
SWOT & Benchmarking,
Careem in The Egyptian Market
*Headquarters- Dubai, UAE

*Operates in 10 Countries, 25 Cities
across MENASA "wiki"

* Doesn't require a Visa/MasterCard to Register for the 1st time.

*Payment methods:
-Visa/MasterCard -Cash

*Book now or later

*Options: Economy & Business

*Call center, Book from the website

*Egypt: Cairo, Alex
The Backlash was harsh..
& showed how much users hate white taxis
Benchmarking Analysis
*Headquarters- San Francisco,
California, USA

*Operates in 60 Countries, 404 Cities
Worldwide "wiki"

*Requires a Visa/MasterCard to Register for the 1st time.

*Payment methods:
-Visa/MasterCard -Cash "for some users"

*Book now only

*Options: UberX & UberSELECT

*E-mails only, Booking from App

*Egypt: Cairo, Alex
2016 When everything went viral !
ًُاهفث ُشطهثس
White Taxis protested
against Careem & Uber
on Thursday the 8th of February 2016

They blocked the heart of Mohandeseen to make a scene..

*People defended
Careem & Uber

*That became a
and a headline
in the Egyptian

*People who have
never heard of
Careem & Uber
They became super famous & it was a free PR for both
Careem Egypt
Uber Egypt
317,130 Facebook Like 4,584,750 Facebook Like

2,893 Twitter Follower 4,866 Twitter Follower

8,301 Instagram Follower 13.2K Instagram Follower

available at
The Analysis
Marketing & Technical Expertise Undifferentiated services
Low Prices Reputation
Easy Access Location

New market segments Price wars
Cooperation with other services Dollar or Gasoline price raise
Expanding New services by competitors

Strengths Weakness
Opportunities Threats
Easy Taxi
White Taxis
Wassalny Taxi
Pink Taxi
mid May 2016
what young users really think about
is less money, sales, discounts, promotions and promocodes
Careem offers 10 LE
credit for you & your
friend when you
invite new users
Uber offers a free
ride worth 35 LE
for you & your
friend when you
invite new users
A Survey at Dandy Mega Mall showed the following; out of 100 people
*The answers were:
(29 Careem - 36 Uber - 35 none)
Duration: 75 min
A Facebook Survey showed the following; out of 20 people
*The answers were:
(Careem 8 - Uber 12)
Duration: one day
*Most of the comments were about the driver's attitude, car model, bad maps, promocodes, change of prices
mid May 2016
SWOT Analysis
Careem Uber

A live test
for both
companies using
the same route for
both Careem & Uber

*Scale from 1 to 10
Careem, 5 min, 23 LE, 16 min
Uber 14 min, 22 LE, 17 min
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