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The story behind the song "Jabberwocky".

Sarah Schwalbe

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Jabberwocky

The Meaning of the Song Jabberwocky Origin The End The song Jabberwocky was actually based off of a poem, in the beloved novel "Through the Looking Glass", the sequel to "Alice in Wonderland". In the story, Alice travels through a mirror into a world where everything is backwards. She finds a book in a language she doesn't know, and holds it up to the mirror. That is were the infamous poem appears, describing how a hero defeated the fearsome monster known as the Jabberwocky. The monster can be depicted in several ways. In the Disney movie "Alice in Wonderland", they describe the Jabberwocky as a huge, fearsome beast that must be slayed. In the story, however, the Jabberwocky is a metaphor of facing huge problems in life. The Jabberwocky Itself In the poem, the hero remains anonymous. This shows that anyone can conquer their "Jabberwocky", or worst fears. In the movie, it eventually leads to Alice defeating the Jabberwocky. The Hero The setting is described in the beginning. It describes bizarre creatures, such as "borogroves" and "raths". Everything is peaceful at first, but then a father starts to warn his son about the "Jabberwocky", a fearsome creature, as well as the "Jubjub bird" and the "Bandersnatch". The son goes out to slay the beasts anyway, but after a long time, he takes a break and rests by a tree when none other than the Jabberwocky approaches him! The son fights the beast and ends up beheading him. He returns home to his proud family, and everything returns to normal. The Story
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