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United States Marine Corps

No description

Jesse Schilling

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of United States Marine Corps

Semper Fidelis United States Marine Corps History 1700's Drill Instructors History 1800's MCRD Parris Island/ Camp Pendelton Boot Camp United States Marine Corps • Marine Corps began November 10 1775, conducting ship to ship fighting; provide shipboard security and discipline enforcement, and assisting in land forces. • With the battles of Lexington and concord started the beginning of Americas Revolutinary War in 1775.

• On November 10 1775 the naval committee was directed by congress to establish a future national corps of marines

• First captain was Samuel Nicholas on 28 november 1775

• First recruiting post at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia • Marine Corps band made in july 11 1798 debuted at the presidents house on January 1 1801 and played for every president

• First famous action by the marines was in 1801-1805 in the First Barbary War against Barbay pirates.

• Marine Corps first land action was in the War of 1812 was to get an advanced base at Sackets Harbor , New York by 63 Marines. Giving the navy a base. By the end of the war they had good rep for marksmen and ship to ship actions.

• Marines fought in the Seminole Wars from 1835-1842 being volunteered by commandant Henderson.

• Marines in the Mexican-American war 1846-1848
Marines only minor role during the Civil War during 1861-1865
• 1883 Semper Fidelis was made the marines motto.

• March 16 1861 official date of the confederate states marine corps, having 45 officers and 944 enlisted men, CSMC was up to 1026 enlisted by 1862. WWI • Marine aviation created may 22 1912, February 17 1917 first official flight

• World war marines fought in the Battle of Belleau Wood, marines fierceness and toughness got them the respect of the germans, rating them storm trooper quality, germans nicknamed them “Teuflehunden” meaning Devil Dogs in German.

• Entered the war with 511 officers and 13,214 enlisted personnel then by November 11 1918 they were at 2400 officers and 70000 men. Losing 2461 dead and 9520 wounded marines and eight earning the medal of honor WWII Having two brigades to corps with six divisions, and five air wings with 132 squadrons. With 20 defense battalions even parachute battalions. Totaling up to over 475,000 marines.
• Major battles Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan, Peleliu, Iwo Jima, Guam, and Okinawa against the Japanese. First African American recruits accepted in 1942. 485,000 marines total in the corps, 19,733 were killed and 68,207 wounded and 82 receiving Medal of Honor Korea/Vietnam •Marines fought in big battles in the Korean war (1950-1953) fighting in the battle of Pusan perimeter.
•End of war there were 261,000 marines, 23,744 wounded and 4267 killed with 42 medal of honors • Important roles in Vietnam with battles such as Da Nang, Hue and Khe Sanh, 13091 killed, 88594 wounded and 57 medal of honors. Afghanistan/Iraq • Marines in Afghanistan starting in 2001 for operation enduring freedom, by june 2009 7000 marines deployed to Afghanistan, reportedly 109 killed so far.

• Marines serving big role in the Iraq war for operation Iraqi freedom, by 2009 obama announcing accelerated withdrawal from camp Lejeune so all combat troops out by august 2010, ending in January 23 2010. 1022 killed, 8623 wounded. • Marines age of 22-37 rank of sergeant through gunny • 36 month drill instructor duty tour 12 week course of leadership, judgment, professionalism, time management and physical fitness. • Campaign cover most recognizable thing for a D.I. • Parris island official November 1 1915
May 27, 1941 camp Pendleton. • Marine corps recruit depot parris island and camp pendelton is where boot camp is
17000 marines go through parris island each year • Boot camp is 13 weeks long Phase one is 4 weeks long, where recruits get lots of discipline
Marine corps martial arts program, pugil sticks, obstacle course, swimming, rappelling, gas mask •Phase two. Field skills including marksmanship training, field week, grass week • Phase 3, begins with a-line recruits learn to fire rifle under more realistic combat conditions, basic warrior training, drill competition, final pft, and written test greatest test the crucible, 54 hr field training, 48 miles of marching Marine week- battalion commanders inspection, family day and then graduation History 1700's pt 2 300 marines raised, armed, but no standardized uniforms

3 march 1776 marines made first amphibious landing in American history during an assault during battle of Nassau

• September 5 1776 first marine uniform
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