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Interdisciplinary Unit

No description

Nicole Bernal

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Interdisciplinary Unit

Resource Bank
Theme & Grade Level
Unit Overview
Developing the Resource Bank
Using the Bank to Achieve Objectives
Provides students with the chance of better understanding by spending adequate time learning about a topic.
Students will have consistency in their lessons
Information about the same topic will be reiterated in different settings.
In depth coverage of a specific topic from various viewpoints.
Students will be able to think critically about a topic that is being presented to them over a broad range of subjects
Relates material to real world, making the information more relevant and enjoyable for students.
Provides sense of community amongst students and teachers.
Technology's Role
Technology provides the students with research learning opportunities.
Students will learn how to decipher credible sources from the plethora of results found on google.
Students will learn how to use databases.
Students will learn how to conduct research independently.

Interdisciplinary Connectedness
Art, Math, Music, Spanish
This theme connects our disciplines by allowing each of us to utilize different teaching styles.
For example, Ms. Mercado will be giving a lecture style class over the history of the holiday and the culture instead of learning new vocabulary. Ms. Ball will be teaching rhythm through the traditional drum beat used during the holiday’s celebration, Ms. Nieto will be able to allow her students to create an original work through an understanding of geometry and Ms. Bernal will be able to teach her students about culture through the various works of art inspired by this holiday.

Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe
Wednesday Ball
Nicole Bernal
Daniela Mercado
Teresa Nieto

Researching Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe
December 12th
10th grade
Art, Math, Music, Spanish

SWBAT understand the significance of holidays in other cultures.
SWBAT use visual solutions to create original artwork by problem solving trough direct observation, original sources, experiences, narrations, and imagination.
SWBAT use properties of transformations and their compositions to make connections between mathematics and the real world, such as tessellations.
Music (Choir):

SWBAT relate music to history, culture, and the world.
SWBAT play a simple beat on a drum.
SWBAT understand holidays in other cultures.
SWBAT understand the importance of Dec. 12th in Hispanic culture.
History of Our Lady of Guadalupe:
History of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Video):
Mexican Paper Marigolds How-To:
Lady of Guadalupe Crafts:

Resource Bank
Music (Choir)
La Guadalupana:
Letra y Musica - Lyrics & Music José Alfredo Jiménez:
Music, Math, & Patterns:
Math & Music:
Advent: Dec. 12th, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Resource Bank
Learning Strategy:
Background on Tessellations:
Transformation & Tessellations:
Resource Bank
The Pilgrimage:
Danza de los Matachines:
Los Matachines: Who are they? Why do they dance?

Research through trial and error.
Search Engine Education
The Teaching Channel
Google and YouTube
Students will be able to use the Resource Bank to gain background knowledge and information about the Unit Plan’s theme.
Students will be able to reference this bank while completing their activities and by having resources from 4 different disciplines in one area, the students will be able to see how this theme connects them.

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