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Buster Nielsen

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Makes everybody richer. Liberty for everyone (Micklethwait & Woolridge) Globalization Makes people in this area poorer (Robinson) The idea of individual liberty gets spread to these areas (M&W) North/South divide
(Robinson) Gets richer Gets poorer Collectivist ideas die out in favour of liberal democracy (M&W) The market imperative is eroding national borders, but also strengthening the quest for peace and stability (Barber) Antidemocratic: Large corporations that don't answer to the people are shaping the world (Robinson) The World is at War! The war is between the few rich and the many poor (and the rich are winning) (Robinson) Globalization is not the same as western imperialism (Sen) Antiglobalists are not against globalization - they need to focus more on the fair sharing of global opportunities (Sen) An extensive institutional reform is needed to secure global equality (Sen) The idea of independent nation states is no more (Robinson) Instead of catering to the global elite through capitalism, nations need to focus on building a transnational conciousness and strengthen the way they are organized (Robinson) The world is caught between two conflicting ideologies: McWorld (global capitalism and cultural homogenization) and Jihad (traditional values and nationalism) (Barber) Global capitalism has turned the world into one global theme park tied together by communications, information, entertainment, and commerce. (Barber)
The ideology of McWorld is reducing the world to watching MTV, eating at McDonald's and visiting malls. (Barber) Jihad is fighting to recapture the world that was before capitalism and cultural homogenization made its impact. (Barber) The ideology of Jihad focuses on building strong local identities and communities based on traditional values, religious beliefs and/or nationalism. (Barber)
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