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Life Span Development Timeline

No description

Alyssa I

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Life Span Development Timeline

Attended preschool, gained social relationships outside of family (sociological)
Oedipus Complex-Developed possession towards father (socio-emotional, normative age-graded influence)
Cousin was born (sociological)
Started kindergarten (sociological, normative age-graded influence) Early Childhood (2-5 Years) People to People educational travel trip to France, Italy, and Greece (sociological and cognitive)
Older brother got married (socio-emotional)
High school graduation (socio-emotional, cognitive, and normative age-graded influence)
Going to college (socio-emotional, environmental, normative age-graded influence) Adolescence (10-12 to 18-21 Years) College graduation (sociological, cognitive, normative age graded influence)
Moving out of home and into own house (socio-emotional)
Getting married (sociological, socio-emotional, normative age-graded influence) Early Adulthood (20s to 30s) My
Timeline Grandmother died (socio-emotional, normative life event)
Father lost his job (sociological, non-normative life event)
Went to sleep away camp for the first time and got very homesick (socio-emotional)
Learned to play musical instruments (cognitive and sociological) Middle and Late Childhood (6-11 Years) Middle Adulthood (35-45 to 60s) Life-threatening issues and numerous testing with my prenatal growth (Biological, non-normative life event)
Mother was prescribed to increase caloric intake and "eat lots of doughnuts and jelly" in attempt to increase my weight (biological, environmental, and sociological)
Weekly sonograms were performed to check on my growth (biological)
premature baby (c-section delivery)(biological, non-normative life event) Prenatal Period (Conception to Birth) Infancy (Birth to 18-24 Months) Having children (biological, socio-emotional, normative age-graded influence)
Experiencing menopause (biological, socio-emotional, normative age-graded influence)
Empty-nest syndrome (socio-emotional) Late Adulthood (60s-70s to Death) Alyssa Ingmanson
Period 3
5/28/2013 Secure attachment developed, I would bury my face in the carpet and cry when my mom left (socio-emotional, normative age-graded influence)
I was very determined as a toddler to do my own things and be independent; I still am very determined today (sociological)
Spent a lot of time outdoors with my family and I love the outdoors now (environmental, shared environmental experience)
My family members were always hugging and playing with me, I'm very family oriented now (socio-emotional) Retirement (sociological, socio-emotional, cognitive, normative age-graded influence)
Death of family members and spouse (socio-emotional, normative life experience)
Medical issues (cancer), Movement into retirement home (biological, socio-emotional) Really me!
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