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No description

Samantha Weeks

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of R5

Discography / Videography
R5 signed with Hollywood Records in 2012. In 2010 R5 released and EP, Ready Set Rock. In early 2013 R5 released a 4-song EP titled Loud. Then later that year released a full album titled Louder. In its 11 tracks, Louder establishes R5 as the foremost up-and-coming young pop/rock band today. R5 has 2 R5 songs on the Austin & Ally album;
Crazy 4 U, and
What Do I Have to Do. They are currently working on a new album that is to release later this year.
R5 has four music videos, Loud Forget About You, One Last Dance and Pass Me By. R5 latest album "Louder" spent 9 weeks on the charts, it was #11 on the top albums.
The R5 Story
The R5 story begins almost a decade ago in Littleton Colorado. The place where the Lynch siblings grew up.
Riker, the oldest, showed an interest in music and performing early on while Rocky was the first to learn the guitar.
Thanks to a steady life of listening to Elvis, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, the Lynch siblings started taking music more seriously.
The family moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to start their careers in acting, dancing, and music. But forming a band on their own took priority and responsibility. Though the Lynch siblings all played instruments, none of them played drums. That's when they turned to their friend Ellington Ratliff. The band, as well as the fifth 'R', was complete.

In 2009 they self-released an EP,
Ready Set Rock, and in 2012 they signed with Hollywood records.
"We were always meant to be on stage
together. When we were really little we
would put on shows in our basement."
"We've always been a group. We grew
up as a group. Then we met Ratliff
and pulled him right in."
Meanwhile Riker and Ross both found careers in acting early on. Riker became Jeff, one of the members of the Warblers. The acapella group featured in Glee. Ross stars in his own show Austin & Ally, featured on Disney Channel.
"There's something cool that happens
when we're on stage together. There's
nothing more exciting in the world."

But none of their success prevented R5
from their central focus. The last two years
they have been selling out shows in Canada,
U.S., Europe, Australia, and headlining shows in
Chicago, Phoenix, Toronto, New York, New Jersey, and
The Band Members
Riker Lynch
Age 22
November 8 1991
Ellington Ratliff
Age 21
April 14 1993

Rydel Lynch
Age 20
August 9 1993
Ross Lynch
Vocals/Lead Guitar
Age 18
December 28 1995
Rocky Lynch
Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Age 19
November 1 1994
Fans can expect to see a lot more from R5 in the next few years. As much fun as their having, the band members know how fortunate they are, to be able to do what they love and share it with the world.
(I Can't) Forget About You
The Forget About You video was released January 15 2014 and was filmed in Tokyo, Japan.

(I can't) Forget About You was written by Rocky and Riker lynch, the video was shot the week of Thanksgiving in 2013,

Forget About You is about how nobody remembers what happened to them the night before, and everyone is split up, trying to find each other.

The Music
Pop Rock:
A genre of music that includes catchy pop tunes and guitar based rock songs
Montreal, Quebec
Toronto, Ontario
R5 is an American pop rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2009
2012: West Coast Tour
2012: East Coast Tour
2013: Loud Tour
2014: Louder World Tour
R5 had such a big impact on the music industry, they have gotten bigger since 2009. They call their fans the R5Family. Since R5 came into the music business they have gotten thousands of fans that look up to them. The fans love R5 because they have such fun personalities and just up beat, amazing songs.
The R5 Family
Before R5 entered the studio to record their Hollywood Records debut album no one told them what to do. No one needed to. The band knew exactly what they wanted: to make an album perfect for playing in the car. And by that they meant summer nights, with the top down, cruising down the highway and cranking the music up. Not just loud. Louder.

"The R5 family is pretty
much the best fan base
on the planet!"
"We call them the R5
Family because technically we're all family."
"The R5 Family is just an extension of
our family"
"They take such an old
song so personally to
Samantha and Sathana
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