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GCSE PE Theory - Risk Assessment

No description

Bryn Lewis

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of GCSE PE Theory - Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment in Sport
What are the risks involved in this sport?
The ability to identify and reduce risks associated with physical activity is essential to minimise injury.

For a physical activity of your choice, explain how to reduce a variety of risks
associated with that activity in order to maintain physical health.

Your named physical activity is ..........................................................
At the end of the lesson you
will have to answer this question

Write your answers on the post it notes.
You have 2 minutes
On you BIG piece of paper write down your sport.
How to construct a level 3 answer...
Your turn...
Answer the question that you wrote down at the beginning of the lesson. Your have 10 minutes.
Now write down 5 risks of that sport (2 minutes)
Now write down a method of prevention for each risk. (2 minutes)
Now write down the category that each fits into. (2 minutes)
Have they got it right?
Level 1 answers:
A number of simple statements identifying or describing protective measures. E.g. in football wear shin pads to protect shin; in hockey have a ref to enforce rules
Level 2 answers:
i) Developed statements, i.e. simple statements with explanation or additional information (linking corrective measure to correct risk and reason how risk reduced).
E.g. in football wear shin pads so that if kicked in the shin during a tackle the shin is protected by padding and less likely to bruise or break
ii) Developed statements will provide a range of examples of risks or risk reduction measures for named activity (general and specific to
E.g. in rugby balanced competition is used to reduce risk of injury, e.g. broken bones, if one team is significantly older than another. By playing against people your own age; level or gender you are more likely to be a similar size and therefore less prone to injury due to imbalance.
Level 3 answers:
Candidates will offer factually accurate and sustained responses that relate well to the focus of the question and successfully addresses the explanatory demands. Sound knowledge and understanding of risk assessment. The
discussion will be supported by accurate factual material that is relevant to the question. The strategies to reduce risk will be fully explained with appropriate conclusions reached.
i) Developed statements (using relevant examples) balanced and/or succinct.
ii) Conclusion provided based on points raised
To finish...
Mark your partners work using the criteria. Score them out of 3 and give it back.
Now look at your answer and decide why you got that level and what you have to do to improve/what made it so good.
5 people will be picked at random to tell the class.
So remember:
1) Introduce your answer
2) Make a POINT
3) Give an EXAMPLE
4) EXPLAIN your example
5) Conclude your answer
Tips for the top...
Plan your answer.
It's worth 6 marks so make 3 points.
Pick each point from a different category.
Keep your answer clear.
Check when you're done!
5 Categories
Warming Up/Cooling Down
Checking Equipment and Facilities
Correct Clothing
Balanced Competition
Playing by the Rules
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