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My Holiday (Izabella)

No description

thames thames

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of My Holiday (Izabella)

Day 1
Went horse riding
no sadel on the horse
I thought i was going to fall of

my dad bought pumpkins
carving pumpkins for very long time

I played with my sisters

Day 2

Slept a little
did some extra homework
wrote my prezi
cooked chicken for my family with rebeka
slept a little again
went outside
played a wierd game called don't let the balloon touch the ground

Day 3
Played the piano
Went swimming with both of my sisters
wrapped my mum's birthday present
sewed a skirt,dress for my self
made triamisu with my mum
watched a movie called "Whiplash"
went to sleep at 11 o'clock
Day 4
My mums birthday
she went horse riding at 9am Rebeka went to watch
read a book
did Hungarian homework
wrote my prezi
my English grandparents came
got a lot of chocolate from them
got a wanzy
played Monopoly lasted 2 hours
Day 5
I went to the zoo with my grandparents and my sisters
The sheeps and llamas where very funny
went on some rides eg. haunted castle, mirror house, skeleton ride and old rollercoaster
walked to a near be restraunt
my mum drove us back home
I was very tired
Day 6
packed my suitcase because we were going to Héviz
the drive was 1 hour and 30 minutes
before we went to our country house we had lunch at my hungarian grandparents house
then we went to our country house
cleaned the house
I did some flippes on my bunck bed
Went to sleep at 7 o'clock (very early)
Day 7
My dad and his dad went to play golf
My mum went to see her parents
And my grandma stayed with us in the country house for 2 hours
When my mum came back we went horse riding ( my grandma didn't she only watched us horse ride)
After horse riding we went home got changed to go to a fancy restraunt with both of my grandparents
Day 8
It was my birthday
I got amazing presents
my mum went to horse ride
and my dad took me my sisters and his parents to a very very pretty golf place called "Zala Springs"
I hit a few balls
Me my sisters and my grandparents went to sit outside inthe sunlight there was an enormous water fountain
my mum came from the horse riding place to Zala Springs
we had lunch there my cake was super chocolaty
we went back to the country house packed all of our stuff away and went down to my hungarian grandparents house to say good bye
we got in the car and drove back to budapest we arrived at 11 o'clock at night
Day 9
My Holiday
Swimming Competition
big medal
2nd place



Really tired
Day 10
My babysiter got me presents
I did my little sisters face paint she was a dog
I made cake pops
went outside biked in the garden
called cousins
did some homework
went to a restraunt called "Lamb and leo"
Day 11
I cleaned the garden with my grandma
At 1 o'clock went to get Rebeka's black contact lenses for filming (1hr)(cried)
went to a audition for a TV series
talked with my friends
put my wanzy on and pretended to be a real cat
did my prezi
watched a film
Thank you
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