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Auction Venues

Desk layout, great for presenting a lot of information

Demetra Kontos

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Auction Venues

Site Requirements Why February?? b) avoid conflict w/holidays c) historically established on DA's calendar a) Enough time in school yr. to plan such a large scale event Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Rene Birthday How did this happen? S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a s e m e d Yikes! Past lessons
Future choices JIVE Auction History What to do? Reserving a venue for the 2013 Auction We were lucky. This time! guess
what? A Rotating Schedule Durham Academy's Campus
US Gym
Learning Commons
Lower School @da.org Durham Academy Durham, North Carolina Rotating Schedule Provides:
a) security
b) flexiblity (in case connections come along!) The Cotton Room All February dates were booked!! Help me! T H N A K Y O U P R E Z I Washington Duke
Bay 7
Cotton Room
Angus Barn???? Everywhere! Durham, DA & our event have blossomed over 30 + years!
Our success influenced others to hold similar fundraising events. Friday, March 1st was available, so the DA Development Staff snatched it up!! How can we keep this from happening again? Raised over $3.2 million in 33 years
Largest fundraiser for the Parent Association annually
Auction proceeds provide our students & teachers with state-of-the-art tools to improve instructional settings Must comfortably seat ~350 guests for dinner (prep & service), socializing, browsing & bidding!
Be a reasonable distance from DA's campus. Held before Spring Break marking the last quarter of the school year & graduation! The team can organize remarkable events in a variety of facilities! With this information in mind, lets consider the following.... Washington Duke Hotel & Conference Center Dana as auctioneer! Yes! Bay 7
American Tobacco Complex One of the final duties of the departing auction and leadership team, and the President-Elect, in conjunction with the Development Office, will be to book the auction venues two years in advance. Booking the auction venues two years in advance will be one of the final duties of the departing auction leadership team & the President-Elect.
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