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kepler mission into space

By:Chris and Alex

alexander brid

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of kepler mission into space

You've heard of the hubble, right?
WRONG "Kepler space project" project
By: alex and chris The Kepler's space mission is a very unique mission into space.
It's mission is to discover other Earth-like planets that orbit other stars like our sun.
And that the hubble is the only telescope out in space, right? There is another telescope out
in space that I bet you haven't heard of . It's called the Kepler space telescope. It has already found 5 other earth-like planets! The Kepler was launched on March 7, 2009 at 3:49 AM. The mission was named after a German astronomer
named Johannes Kepler. Johannes discovered the three basic laws governing the motion of the planets. The Kepler searches for light curves that occur when a transiting planet passes in front of its star and blocks some of the light. This is a picture of the Kepler telescope that describes the parts of it. THE END Just kidding!!!!!!!!! The Kepler telescope has a much higher probability of detecting earth-like planets than the hubble, since it has a much higher field of view. THE END

(how did u like our slide) The mission is very dedicated and well suited to determine the frequency of Earth-like planets orbiting other stars. THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!! We said THE END!!! Stop the program........we are still here....
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