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2016- Intro to One Point Perspective

No description

Ms. Albert

on 30 December 2016

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Transcript of 2016- Intro to One Point Perspective

What is Perspective Drawing?
Drawing with perspective means making a 2 dimensional drawing appear 3 dimensional.
How do artists create perspective?
Let's take a closer look at the important elements that create One Point Perspective
Can you find the 3 elements of perspective in these images?
One Point Perspective
Use the left and right arrows to travel through this lesson.
Horizon Line, Vanishing Point, and Converging Lines
Open your sketchbook and write notes while viewing this Prezi.

If you see this image , there is a video to watch.

You can pause videos so that you can take notes.
You have completed viewing the Prezi. Now you may exit this window and return to Google Classroom. Take a picture of your notes, and add them to Assignment #1 to TURN IN.
Let's look at
another example.
This time, use your
finger to see if you
can figure out the
horizon line,
vanishing point,
and converging
Elements of Perspective
Horizon Line
= where the land and the sky meet (our eye level)
Vanishing Point
= where all lines appear to meet and disappear (objects get smaller as they get closer to the vanishing point)
Converging Lines
= the lines that lead to the vanishing point
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