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Wait till Helen comes

No description

Beth Gordon

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Wait till Helen comes


Character Traits
Mary, and heather are the main characters.
Wait till Helen comes
By: Mary Downing Hahn

Book project
By: Sydney Ward

Heather is very stubborn, miserable, and thoughtless. She was stubborn for going to the old falling down house when her parents said no, She was miserable when her and Molly's parents got together and she was thoughtless when she told Helen to wreck Molly and her brothers things.
Molly was frustrated, nice, and nervous. She was frustrated because when she tried to be nice to heather, heather would just get her in trouble. She was nice because she saved heather from drowning in the lake and she was nervous when she took a walk through the grave yard
Heather mom died in a fire when she was little, and then hert dad marries Molly's mom and heather dislikes everyone in the house except her dad. Molly and heathers parents moves the family to a church. Molly has to be nicer to heather but all heather wants to do is go to the grave yard in there back yard. when they are walking around the grave yard heather finds a grave and she spends a lot of time with it and brings it flowers. she then plays with Helen who says she will get molly and her brother for being mean to heather. Helen wrecks all there stuff and asks heather to go to the bottom of the lake with her so she can be with her forever. but molly comes and save heather from drowning. She brings heather into Helen's old house to keep her warm, but the floor breaks and they are stuck down there all alone for a while. When they are down there heather tells molly a very important secret.
Compare and contrast
I recommend this book to people that like to read scary, mysterious, creepy, and haunting story's.
The theme of the story is True friends stick together.
They are both mad at each other and want to get away from each other- Frustrated.
she saved heather from drowning- caring.
she tried to be nice to heather by walking is the trails with her- nice.
she followed heather to Helen's burned down house and asked her parents to tell her not to go there again- concerned.
she hates Molly's mom and wants her mom back- miserable.
she says creepy things like wait till Helen come to molly and says you pay for ever being mean to me- evil.
she is afraid to tell her dad that she accidentally started the fire that killed her mom and thinks if she tells her dad he would hate her- scared.
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