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Pixar Case Presentation

No description

Mohammed Al-Jahwari

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of Pixar Case Presentation

Typical office at Pixar Headquarters in Emeryville, CA
Group Case Presentation
Current State
We are now owned by Walt Disney but remain creatively independent
Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs led Pixar and developed a production and distribution Pact with Disney
Steve Jobs passing has left a large void in the company but we will continue our innovative culture
Case 3 Pixar

Ahmed Al-Azri
Khalid Shamas
Mohammed Al-Jahwari
Problems Identified
Alternative Solutions
Doubled the staff, divisions for developing new movies and oversee the work.
Using the university to develop collaboration & key success values.
Diversification of Target Markets
Pixar & the Value Chain
Take advantage of the 2006 acquisition from Disney and their multinational brand while not letting it detract from Pixar's unique style.
Continue to exploit Pixar University's programs.
invest in RBV (Resource-Based View) by focusing on all the valuable resources available; Human talent, work environment, and recognizable brand image.
Movies marketed towards the whole family
Lower turnover by leisure programs
Pixar & the Value Chain
Porter's Five Forces
SWOT analysis
The major value-chain activities are in creating a learning environment foucused on story creation, Animation and technology development (Pixar’s university(110 different courses))
The focus is efficiency without sacrificing quality. "One home run is better than two doubles"
Porter's Five Forces
New Entrants - Low
Bargaining Power of Buyers- fairly low but still need to be considered
Bargaining Power of Suppliers
Threat of Substitutes- Medium
Intensity of Rivalry among Competitors- Medium to High
Lack of dynamic and prestigious leaders : Steve Jobs
Time consuming: the emphasis on details, cannot produce 2 films at once.
High Growth could reduce the quality and harmony.
Restricted within one target market

Human/intellectual capital
Potential growth due to past successes
Compelling storytelling ability (Pixar’s university)
Tapping into Disney's market
Expanding with resources, talent, and influence with the merger.
Slow production time=1 movie/project at a time
Creative vision coming primarily from one person
Other computer animation companies (Dreamworks, etc.)
Succumbing to Disney's pressure to produce at quicker pace
Creative employees turnover
Thank You
Lean Organizational
• Effective structure in Integrated Product/Process Teams organized as self-managed work teams.
• Work teams are focused horizontally on a linked set of activities along the value stream.
• Facilitate ongoing efforts to minimize waste via continuous improvement initiatives.
Business level strategy
Seeking to provide the best animated movies whatever it costs through the integration of high tech equipment and software together with extremely qualified personnel.
Corporate-level strategy
Pixar Company does not use the BCG matrix
All focus of Pixar in producing a high quality films and improve the current films
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