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How the media has influenced football

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Jack Lewis

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of How the media has influenced football

Rule changes
There haven't been many rule changes in football that have been influenced by the media. However there is the pass back rule and golden goal.

Pass back rule = this rule was brought in to stop time wasting during the game, this has affected football because it has made the sport more interesting. The reason it is more interesting is because players have to consider this rule and be careful when passing back to the goalkeeper as he/she cant pick the ball up.

Golden goal = this rule comes into place when the two teams go to extra time. Golden goal is basically next goal wins. This makes the game more exciting because spectators will be on the edge of their seats waiting for the goal that will ultimately win the game.
Satellite television is something has had a huge affect on football. It has made the sport more popular as it a sport that can be watched worldwide from the comforts of your own home (this makes it more popular than what is was before television was invented because if spectators wanted to watch football matches they had to go to the game which wasn't possible for the lower class individuals).

Media has helped increase participation because watching football on television increases the amount of spectators that watch the sport which leads to an increase in participation.

Event programming (schedules) affects football because if games are scheduled then fans will know when the games are and when they can watch them.

Advertising has an affect on football because if games are advertised on the television, more people might watch the games which means that the teams playing are going to receive a share of the profits (from the coverage). This profit can than go towards the development of facilities, equipment etc.

In football television often dictates when matches are played. For example companies such as Sky Sports and the BBC will televise games when they're best for the spectators, they will also stagger games so more matches can be viewed which brings in more money. The problem with this is it might not be suitable for players. This is because when a game is played at around 8pm players (at this point) might be starting to lose focus as they will have been up early to train for an evening so they could be tired, this could affect performance in a negative way because the players might not have the energy to perform to the best of their ability. Also if a match is played in the evening players might worry about the game and then when they finally play the match in the evening their high levels of anxiety could cause them to have a poor performance.
Media has been developed over many years. There are many areas of media that have had an influence on football. For example television has meant that matches can be televised which allows people to watch the games from home the comfort of their own home. Rule changes, timeouts (half time), local and national press and the internet have also influenced football in many ways. Throughout this assignment I am going to look at all of this in more detail.
Timeouts/Half time
Local and national press
Gender imbalance is a problem in sport as men receive a lot more coverage making women's sport less significant and less televised. In football there is rarely any coverage of women's football and this is down to the lack of funding, the lack of interest (this could be down to the lack of sponsorship and role models). In men's football there is a lot more coverage and adverts featuring professional footballers so with men's football there is more coverage.

Magazines affect football because if you look at back pages of magazines/newspapers there is a huge amount of speculation because it is something the nation wants to read about. The problem with this is it is all men's football and not women's which links back to the gender imbalance.
A variety of sports are reported on but it depends on the paper, however the problem is that the most popular sports are focused on such as mens football, rugby etc. Women's sport isn't popular therefore it isn't focused on.

There is also a gender imbalance as there is a different language used when reporting on male and female sports.
The internet is an aspect of media that has affected football. For example there are chat rooms, team websites and merchandising.

Chat rooms affect football in a good way because it gives football fans the opportunity to discuss issues in the game and voice their opinions. Issues discussed in these chat rooms might be issues that are then raised by footballing bodies and suggestions might be made on how to deal with these issues.
Fans can also speak to managers and players to discuss issues etc.

Team websites affect football as fans can get involved with their team which will then get fans more involved with the sport
because they can look at the clubs history, statistics, pictures which gets them more involved in the sport.
Team website also make the sport more accessible for all.
On team websites fans can also voice opinions, discuss issues and vote on different subjects.

Merchandising = The activity of promoting the sale of goods. This affects football in a good way because the more merchandise that is sold the more profit the teams will receive. This profit can be used to develop facilities, bring in new players which could make the club better. This could lead to better sponsorship deals etc.
Doing this via the internet is good as it is easier to access for fans so the team might sell more.

Young people can learn how to do new skills and tricks from the internet as there are many videos that teach children how to do this. This is affects participation in a good way because young people will want to learn how to do these skills so they will go outside and practice. This can lead to an increased number of participants in the sport which then makes it more popular. On the other hand the internet has a negative affect on participation as the internet offers virtually everything to supporters so they might spend less time taking part in football as they only have interest in the sport via the internet.
By Jack Lewis 13Hm
How the development of media has influenced football
In many sports that are televised, half-time offers the opportunity to advertise which brings a valuable source of revenue for television companies. It can mean money for club sponsorship e.g. Gazprom is one of the official partners of the UEFA Champions League (the highest club level tournament available to club teams)
This sponsorship will affect football because it means that money from sponsorship can be invested into the game which could affect teams who play in this tournament. E.g. the money could go towards bringing in new technology such as goal-line technology or other things.
Sensationalism is an issue in football that is caused by the media. Sensationalism is subject matter, language, or style producing or designed to produce startling or thrilling impressions or to excite and please vulgar taste. Media sensationalism is basically making a subject sound a lot worse than it actually is to intrigue readers.

An example of sensationalism could be when the BBC aired a documentary about anti-semitic and racist behavior in Poland and Ukraine (the host nations of Euro 2012). This affected football because fans were deterred to go to the games because of these issues. But a source who featured on the programme argued that the report singled out a minority and amplified the countries' problems. This shows that the problem wasn't as bad as it was made out and this will have affected the host nations as they may not have made as much revenue as hoped from being the hosts of this tournament. Also it paints a bad picture of these nations despite the issue being very small and only minority of people taking part in this.
Sponsorship = sponsorship affects football because if clubs have successful organisations sponsoring them then more profit is going to be made from these sponsorship deals. This revenue can then be used to develop the club e.g. bring in better players, coaching staff, managers etc. The problems with sponsorship are the fact that smaller clubs might not be able to get sponsorships so many clubs will struggle to get financial help this way.

Broadcast rights can affect football clubs. For example the Barclay's Premier League has 6 different broadcast packages (these packages are distinguished by the time they are broadcasted). Revenue is then split on a 50:25:25 basis. The 50% is divided between all of the clubs, 25% is awarded to the position of the teams (the higher you are placed in the league the more money the team will get) and the final 25% is distributed as a facilities fee for the number of matches shown on television involving the club. This affects football because this money can be used by the clubs to develop the clubs facilities etc.

The media can have an influence on rules of the game. For example the media has called for goal line technology, this is something that fans, player, managers and coaches have called for and now goal-line technology is going to be part of the laws of the game to help the officials make the correct decisions.

Spectatorism in football is watching the game live (being at the game itself not being at home watching through the television). The problem is spectatorism is on the decline which means that football clubs are losing attendance because it is easier to watch the game from home, this could lose the clubs money. This also affects football because the atmosphere will not be as good.

Punditry is the expressing of expert opinions. Football pundits debate about all aspects of the game from player performances, transfer rumors, big issues such as racism etc. Punditry has affected football because TV programmes such as Match of the Day are viewed by many individuals across Britain. It gives individuals to catch up on the days matches and listen to football pundits debating about the games and looking at the analysis. This is good because it gets people more involved with the sport and more interested.
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