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07.01 Are You Awake?

No description

Andrea Subero

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of 07.01 Are You Awake?

07.01 Are You Awake?
Tell Me What Happened During This Event
People participated in this event through three main ways:

1. Testification of sins. They shouted their sins to the heavens in front of many people
2. Committees to work on issues like slavery, poverty, and rights of women
3. They went to a camp

What was another major event happening in the United States during this time?

Another major U.S. event happening during this time was the election of Jackson.
Author: Andrea Subero
Instructor: Julianne Farricker
Date: 04/29/15

The Artifact
An amazing historical artifact was discovered in an attic.
It is a book. The book was
created by Aaron Lummus in the year 1850.
It was made because he wanted to try to make people convert as well People who would have read or studied this item at the time it was created were probably people who wanted to change religions who thought conversion was a good idea.

Why were many participants women?
Many participants were women because of what was going on about women’s right and they probably thought the church could help the,

Social Reform
A social reform movement is a group of people working towards making a change through law to improve the community.

Social reform relates to this event because Aaron Lummus was involved in one.

An example of a social reform directly related to the book is that he did this with Mr. Brown and Mr. Young.
It is worth studying today to know how things were back then, how the religious practices are compared to today’s religious practices.

The artifact best relates to the event of the Second Great Awakening which happen around the first half of the 1800’s and a reason this event occurred was because many people felt their churches and religious leaders needed for excitement and inspirational sermons.
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