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Fortnum & Mason

No description

Jade Pilling

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Fortnum & Mason

Market Screening Process Country Screening Process Internal Analysis – Porter’s 5 Forces Internal Analysis – Ashridge Diamond Summary


Further considerations Conclusion

Foreign-Invested Commercial Enterprise

Target Market: Business customers

Emphasize ‘Englishness’ of brand Chosen Strategy Factors to consider when internationalising Factors to consider when internationalising Entry Mode Choice Social

Luxury good demand higher than stated

Majority age range 25-35

190 million in 2012, 2020
prediction of 219 million

40% of annual income

‘Guanxi’ business environment

Chá history China PESTLE Analysis HOST MARKET SELECTION Part 1
About Fortnum and Mason
Motives for Internationalisation

Part 2
Country screening
PESTLE Analysis
Market screening

Part 3
Internalisation factors
Possible Strategies
Chosen Strategy
Conclusion Structure A Short Video Fortnum & Mason A Presentation by Tom Beard, Jade Pilling and Amy Sergeant Speed




Cultural Issues

Bureaucracy Implementation and Analysis Intermediate Entry Modes


Equity Joint Venture

Hierarchical Entry Modes

Wholly Owned Subsidiary Possible Strategies Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Economic

9.26% GDP growth rate 2008-2012

Low valued Yuan

China-Britain Business Council
(CBBC) & UK Trade & Investment:
China China PESTLE Analysis Political

45th in Government
regulation 2011

60th in Government
Effectiveness 2011

50% Luxury goods tax

Strong Sino-Anglo relations China PESTLE Analysis

Country Screening Process

PESTLE analysis

Market Screening Process Methods Internal Analysis - Motives Internal Analysis - SWOT Luxury department store
High quality goods
Afternoon Tea
85 blends of tea
21 native Chinese teas
Experience in tea since 1744 and grew together with East India Tea Co About Fortnum & Mason

Country Screening Process

PESTLE analysis

Market Screening Process Methods Environmental

3.61/5 for transport and trade infrastructure 2012

Strongest in coastal regions & cities China PESTLE Analysis Legal

45th in Corruption Perception Index 2012

Guanxi role addressed through CBBC China PESTLE Analysis Technological

Counterfeiting and patent law

Afternoon tea = experience China PESTLE Analysis

Country Screening Process

PESTLE analysis

Market Screening Process Methods Internal Analysis - Motives Market-seeking: motivated by expanding client base

Follow customers
Exploit new markets
Adapt product to local needs Cost vs. Control Dunning’s 4 Motives Cost is a secondary consideration when reputation is exposed

Centuries old brand
Reputation to uphold
‘Englishness’ factor
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