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The History and Evolution of Softball

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Kelly Lukowski

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of The History and Evolution of Softball

Softball's Origin Softball's Start Softball: a man's game? Amateur Softball Association bibliography Softball started in a rather unusual fashion. It was first invented on Thanksgiving Day in 1887 at a Harvard-Yale football game. A man from Yale playfully threw a boxing glove at a Harvard man who hit it away with a broom handle. A game of indoor baseball commenced and softball was born! Softball was originally played by men and was played indoors. It was highly popular in Chicago in 1887. It was intended for baseball players so they could keep in practice during the winter Country: Year Introduced:
Netherlands Sometime after WWII
Australia 1939
UK 1962
First british women's league:1983 The Amateur Softball Association was formed as a result of the tournament at the 1933 World's Fair. The association fashioned sets of standardized rules for different groups so that people of all ages could play. http://www.softballperformance.com/softball-history/ The First Official League The first OFFICIAL softball league was formed in Toronto Canada in 1897.
In 1933 softball made a enormous jump when Leo Fischer and Michael Pauley made a softball tournament to go along with the worlds fair. They invited 55 teams to compete in any of three divisions. The three different divisions that Fischer and Pauley were proposing are: men's Slow and Fast pitch and a women's league. The Tournament at The World's Fair had more than 350,000 people who watched the games at the fields inside the World's Fair. This Tournament sparked a beginning for softball teams all across the country for men and women. The next seven years there was an estimated 5 million people that played softball. Softball in Other Countries Chicago Style Chicago style softball is played with a 16" inch softball that is caught with the hands The Amateur Softball Association Logo
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