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Out Of My Mind

No description

Emma Grace Garnel

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Out Of My Mind

Out Of My Mind
3rd period by Emma Garnel

Many people bully the new students mocking them and making them upset causing them to look "weird" in class
The second change
Now the disabled kids are going into normal classes because they did a study on weather or not the disabled children do better in normal classes so many of the children were moved into normal classes.
Melody was born with cerebral palsy and she cannot talk, walk or write, she is a genius.
But nobody knows it.

Melody's everyday life
The First change
Melody knows what is going to happen before it is announced. Melody's mom is going to have a baby girl and Melody is going to be a big sister, and she feels like she is a burden, what if her mom has another disabled child. But it turns out that the cute baby named Penny is as healthy and shiny as a penny!
Melody lives through a very difficult life, she needs help with everything the simplest tasks for us are olimpic sports for her but she does them with help. Every day she listens to A,B,C's and she's eleven just like us. Now her life's about to change forever.
A New Friend
At first the onley person who's nice to Melody is a girl named Rose but soon almost everyone is nice to her, they encourage her to find her voice and cheer her on when she does
Book Trailer
By: Sharon M. Draper
lexile: 700
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