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Avon Band and Orchestra Program

Welcome to Instrumental Music! Why Music? It builds self-esteem, group pride, builds strong work ethic skills, and personal satisfaction.

C Drey

on 2 May 2012

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Transcript of Avon Band and Orchestra Program

Welcome to the Avon Band and Orchestra Program!
Our Commitment to Excellence
Purchase or Rent?
Private Lessons
Who are we?
Tonight's Activities
The Instrumental Music Program
Chris Drabyn-Band Director at Avon Intermediate West
Joel Powell-Orchestra Director at Avon Intermediate West and East
We are committed to setting your child up for success.
Our goal is not to just teach music but to teach students
to become better people through music.
What we ask of the students-
Try your best
Ask for help
Practice at home regularly
All students in the 6th grade are given a performance experience.
Students learn in like instrument classes during the school day.
Students will participate in a winter concert, march festival, and a spring concert
Renting to own is recommended first
Use extreme caution with the internet, auction sites,and whole sale clubs....you can end up
throwing away good money.
You are not required to go with Paige's Music. We bring in Paige's Music and highly endorse them for you because they provide the best product in terms of service and quality.
1.) Open a contract for an instrument and starter pack with Paige's
Music, if you are ready.
2.) Purchase Accessories-you can choose one free accessory-
we recommend SmartMusic and buying a music stand.
3.) Turn in Paper Work
1.) Starter Pack and book
2.) You will need accessories
even if you don't rent or buy.
*During the School year, we also provide a 2nd cello, bass, tuba, or baritone for school so they don't have to transport these large instruments on the bus. The students will still need to rent these instruments for home.
We offer private lessons during the school year for all instruments.
This is the best one to learn due to one on one teaching.
We bring in professional musicians/teachers for each instrument.
Private lessons are available during the summer if requested if you cannot attend summer camp but want a head start.
Private lessons are only $14 a half hour and take place during the school day-this is a deal in terms of money and location!
If you have questions, Annie will be in the back to answer questions if you promise to read her a bedtime story.
-Registration Form-
Orange (West)
Green (East)
-Summer Camp Form-
Yellow Brochure
Summer Music Camp
*Grades are determined from weekly practice charts and
regularly playing tests.
What you need for Band and Orchestra
*A fee for school instruments of $50 is a part of your child’s school fee if they use school tubas, baritones, bassoons, cellos, basses, percussion, or other school instruments to pay for maintenance of these instruments.
June 11th-28th-Monday through Thursday
Avon Middle School North
1 hour a day in like instrument classes
The cost is $75
Gives your child a great start.
See the yellow brochure from the front table.
You can also sign up online at
Josh Ellis-Band Director at Avon Intermediate East
Annaliese on trumpet
Gavin plucking the strings
Lydia composing in her sleep
*For success, we recommend 20 minutes of practice a day
Please fill out the orange or green registration forms before leaving tonight
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