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Charles Drew

No description

somya shukla

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Charles Drew

Charles Richard Drew
Charles drew was born in June 3rd, 1904 in Washington D.C. He lived near the potomac river,Charles neighborhood was called "Foggy Bottom" because it was so foggy thereHe was An African/ American citizen. As he was not white person he got treated differently. His parents Richard T. Drew(carpet installer) and Nora Burrell (teacher but decided to stay full time at home) did not mind much about getting treated differently. He was taught to study hard, Do labor, Doing some house hold chores and Sewing clothes which came in handy when he became a surgeon, he was liked telling horibble jokes that did'nt make sence. Not just was he a great docter or a suregeon. he was a all sport champion in the 20th, scientist, teacher and a good housekepper. Charles drew had 3 siblings-
1 younger brother-Joseph
Nora- younger sister
Elisie- younger sister. Charles adored Elisie, he could express his fellings to her only but when Elisie was 12 she died cause of Tuberculosis(a Terrible, painful lung disease) Losing his sister made him think about others who had lost thier beloved with different disease or other. This Inspired him to become a docter. when he tried learning about docters he got interested in The Science of docter. During the warll in 1940 in Europe Charles gets a call from his old teacher in Colombia Unversity.His teacher invited him in England Drive for blood supple, He asked charles to be the director of the drive. During Dr. Drew's time You could not store blood more than 1 week and it also had match the blood group as the person who is going to receive blood. So while he was doing his job he kept on his studing. soon he found about Plasma... I his experiment he seperated the blood celleparating the liquid red blood cells from the near solid plasma and freezing the two separately, he found that blood could be preserved long period. plus after the red blood cells are seperated you no longer need to match the blood group. charles drew experimenting Charlie- wearing a tie
Elisie - wearing bow
Nora- small one and joseph
beside Charlie Plasma is the clear liquid in which blood float.
Dr.Drew discovered that if remove the red cells, the remaining plasma will be preserved for weeks beacuse cells contain/carry oxygen throughout your body the body, that was causing the problems in storing blood
Good thing about Plasma is that you don't have to worry about matching it to any blood group. Aybody can use plasma, In emergency situtions plasma would keep pleople until their body could make more blood on their own. Dr. Drew developed ways to freeze and dry plasma so it could be shipped anywhere needed.
During this time managed to fall in love and get married.Charlie met her on a trip to a medical conference.They eventually had 4 children. Charlie and his family Dr. Drew's discoveries came just in time because world war II had began.The German dictator Adolf Hitler was deteremined to take over Europe, London, England. Injured soldier needed blood desperately. This time Dr. Drew was asked to come to New yorkto help run a programe called "Blood for Britan"
The "Blood for Britan" was grand sucess, many soldier's life was saved just because of Dr. Drew's invention. In 1941, United States entered world warII.
Now this time Charles Drew was called to be the head of the Red Cross National Blood Cross program. But this trip was not that good he had expected to be. He learned that the U.S. military had decided not to accept blood donation from "black" people. Charles felt hurt, angry and insulted. Even though all scientist and docter knew that there is no difference between skin color. Th military force refused to even hear it. His invetions-
Blood Bank is a place where blood is donated and stored. the stored blood is to replace blood lost by someone after an operation or accident.
blood tranfusion -The injection f blood from one person into the body of another who in need of blood. Blood tranfusion It took about 4 months (mimimun)
to make blood bank and about 10 months to invent blood transfusion. 3 months after Dr.Drew's invention,
He held a meeting saying that he will patent his discovery only to docter. He also requested that this invention will not be used for bad reasons. On April 1st, 1950, in Burlington NC,Charles drew died in a car accident on his way to a meeting. Sources-
http://www.nndb.com/people/391/000032295/ - What disease did Elisa have??
-how did this help others??
-what was his hobbies/interesting jobs??
-when was he born and when did he die?? -By Somya Shukla
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