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School project about polaroid

jeremy lanfranchi

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Polaroid

History Current status & Events Business segment Target market & purchasing habits Brand perception Conclusion & questions The price doesn't matter

Want a new experience
They produced Instant camera from 1948 until 2008 when they cease production in favor of digital camera Then they stopped producing Polaroid cameras in 2007 and stopped selling Polaroid film after 2009, to the consternation of many users Since March 2010, instant film materials for Vintage Polaroid cameras have again become available on the market, developed and manufactured by a group called The Impossible Project, at the former Polaroid production plant in Enschede, The Netherlands. Polaroid become a holding of Gordon Brothers Brands on May 7, 2009 The new holding corporation for Polaroid, PLR IP Holdings, announced on June 19, 2009, an exclusive 5-year agreement with Summit Global Group to produce and distribute Polaroid branded digital cameras, digital video cameras and digital photo frames Foundation by Edwin H. Land 1937 2001 Creation of the Instant Camera Polaroid Corporation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection 1948 Stopped producing Polaroid camera 2007 The post-reorganization Polaroid Corp. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection 2008 Stopped producing Polaroid camera 2009 Lady Gaga is appointed as Creative Director 2010 Strength
- Get the pictures instantaneously
- Pioneer
- Brand awareness
- Design of the camera
- Polaroid effect (no filter)

- Design of the camera (big)
- Price (camera & film)
- Availability of film (specific shops)
- Stockage Opportunities
- Instagram trend
- Living the vintage experience
- Sociability (sharing picture IRL)
- Not mainstream

- Instagram trend
- Digital camera competition: SWOT ANALYSIS MARKETING STRATEGY DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS - Own Website (Polaroid Store)
- Websites (Amazon)
- Big stores (BestBuy, Walmart, K-Mart, Staples, Sears, Target)
- Niche stores (Hipster stores, photography stores) SLOGAN
1948: "Snap it, See it"
Today: "The Evolution of Instant"

Lady Gaga: Creative Director
Fashion icon / Trendsetter (Revamp the image of the company)
New products ("Grey Label")

Create a "space" for the customers (sharing pictures) Competitors Fotobar Store Print photos
Customized photos (filters)
Different frames (bamboo, metal)
Marketing Experience: photography classes, artist's exhibitions
First store will open in February (Florida)
Goal: open 10 stores by the end of 2013
Layout: looks like Apple Store Young adult Professional
Photographer First camera
owner Artist
Fashion people
... Care about packaging
Vintage experience Based on a google trend document
This is the comparison of search
between Polaroid and one of
his competitor Lomography Polaroid logo is well recognized worldwide.
Brand suggests fun, creative, cool, classic and sharing
Possibilities to be creative and self-expressive Cameras and Camcorders
Camera Accessories
Printers & Accessories (Office)
Audio Equipment
Computer Tablet Accessories
Mobile Applications
Polaroid Fotobar
Polaroid Classic KODAK:
- One of the main players within the photography industry
- Weak R&D and innovation in comparison from the market
- Acquisitions and joint-ventures (access to knowledge, technologies)
- Focus: digital photography

- Japanese multinational corporation
- High quality products (technology)
- Focus: digital photography

- Toy Camera
- Fun & hype

The mission is to deliver products that enable creativity for all, celebrate artistry and make sharing instantaneous across the physical and digital. Polaroid can make a come back, people need to see how creative we can be with a Polaroid Show how fun it is to take pictures
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